The Legend of Morgawr: Cornwall's Enigmatic Sea Monster

The Legend of Morgawr: Cornwall's Enigmatic Sea Monster

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and rich maritime history, has long been a source of captivating tales and legends. Among the most enigmatic is the legend of Morgawr, the Cornish sea monster. In this blog post, we dive into the mysterious waters of Cornwall's folklore to explore the intriguing legend of Morgawr and the enduring allure of this elusive marine creature.

Morgawr: The Sea Monster of Cornwall

Morgawr, whose name is thought to mean "Sea Giant" in the Cornish language, is said to be a massive and serpentine sea creature that prowls the waters off Cornwall's coastline. Descriptions of Morgawr vary, with some accounts likening it to a serpent or eel-like creature, while others suggest a more reptilian appearance. Regardless of the specifics, one common thread runs through the legend – Morgawr is a formidable and elusive sea monster.

Historical Accounts and Sightings

The legend of Morgawr has been fueled by sporadic sightings and anecdotal accounts throughout history. Witnesses have reported seeing a long, dark creature with humps or loops in the water, sometimes accompanied by strange sounds or eerie wakes. These sightings have often occurred near coastal villages like Falmouth and Fowey, adding an air of authenticity to the legend.

The Morgawr Research Group

In the 1970s and 1980s, the legend of Morgawr gained renewed interest when a group of enthusiasts formed the Morgawr Research Group. This dedicated team embarked on investigations, hoping to provide scientific evidence of Morgawr's existence. While their efforts yielded inconclusive results, they added a new chapter to the legend and inspired others to delve deeper into Cornwall's mysterious waters.

Theories and Speculations

Various theories have emerged to explain the Morgawr sightings. Some suggest that it could be a yet-undiscovered species of large marine life, such as a giant eel or conger. Others believe it might be a misidentification of known creatures or simply a product of folklore and imagination.

The Enduring Mystique of Morgawr

Regardless of whether Morgawr is a real creature or a product of folklore, its legend endures as a testament to Cornwall's mystical allure. It beckons adventurers and curious minds to explore the possibility of hidden wonders beneath the waves.


The legend of Morgawr, Cornwall's enigmatic sea monster, continues to captivate the imagination. Whether a product of myth or a real, undiscovered denizen of the deep, Morgawr adds to the mystique of Cornwall's coastline and reminds us that the sea still holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. As you explore Cornwall's stunning shores, keep one eye on the horizon – you just might catch a glimpse of Morgawr, adding another chapter to this enduring maritime legend.

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