St. Cuby's Well and the Mysterious Man from Callington

St. Cuby's Well and the Mysterious Man from Callington


In the heart of Cornwall lies a hidden gem that weaves together history, folklore, and a touch of the supernatural. St. Cuby's Well, a centuries-old sacred spring, has long been a source of fascination and intrigue. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to discover the mystical waters of St. Cuby's Well and the enigmatic "Man from Callington" who is said to be connected to its miraculous healing powers.

St. Cuby's Well: A Sacred Oasis

Located near the village of Duloe, St. Cuby's Well is a natural spring that has been venerated for centuries. Named after the Welsh saint Cuby (or Cybi), the well is believed to have healing properties. Pilgrims and visitors have flocked to this tranquil spot seeking cures for ailments, both physical and spiritual.

The Legend of the Man from Callington

The legend of the "Man from Callington" adds an intriguing layer to the well's mystique. According to local folklore, a man from the nearby town of Callington was afflicted by a crippling illness. He sought refuge at St. Cuby's Well, hoping for a miraculous cure. Legend has it that after immersing himself in the well's waters and offering fervent prayers, he emerged completely healed.

The Miraculous Healing Waters

St. Cuby's Well is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, which are said to possess healing properties. The legend of the Man from Callington is just one example of the many stories of miraculous healings associated with the well. A dip in its waters, along with a heartfelt supplication, is believed by some to bring relief from various ailments.

Historical Significance and Restoration

Aside from its folklore, St. Cuby's Well also holds historical significance. The well has been lovingly restored and maintained over the years, preserving its ancient charm for visitors to experience. The surrounding area is often adorned with wildflowers, making it a serene and picturesque destination.

Visiting St. Cuby's Well Today

Today, St. Cuby's Well remains open to visitors who wish to explore its history, enjoy its peaceful ambiance, and perhaps partake in a tradition that dates back centuries by taking a dip in its healing waters. The well continues to attract those seeking solace, reflection, and a connection to Cornwall's rich cultural heritage.


St. Cuby's Well and the legend of the Man from Callington serve as a testament to Cornwall's mystical allure. This hidden oasis, steeped in history and folklore, invites us to step back in time and immerse ourselves in the healing waters that have provided solace to pilgrims for generations. Whether seeking healing or simply a moment of tranquility, a visit to St. Cuby's Well promises a journey into the heart of Cornwall's captivating traditions and legends.

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