Dozmary Pool: Cornwall's Mysterious and Haunting Waters

Dozmary Pool: Cornwall's Mysterious and Haunting Waters

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, England, amid the windswept expanses of Bodmin Moor, lies a place of mystery and legend known as Dozmary Pool. This serene but enigmatic body of water has been steeped in folklore for centuries, with tales that evoke both wonder and shivers. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore the fascinating history and enduring mysteries of Dozmary Pool.

The Enigmatic Waters of Dozmary Pool

Dozmary Pool is a small, natural lake located within the rugged expanse of Bodmin Moor. Surrounded by windswept moorland, it's a place of solitude and reflection, where the elements shape the landscape and history is woven into the very fabric of the land.

Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake

One of the most famous legends associated with Dozmary Pool is the story of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. According to the legend, after Arthur's final battle, he asked his loyal knight Bedivere to return the sword to the Lady of the Lake. Bedivere threw the sword into Dozmary Pool, and a ghostly hand rose from the water to catch it. This tale adds to the mystique of the pool and its connection to the Arthurian legend.

Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake are iconic elements of Arthurian legend, contributing to the enduring fascination with King Arthur and his legendary sword.

Excalibur: The Sword of Kings

Excalibur is often depicted as a magnificent and magical sword, sometimes said to have been given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. It symbolizes Arthur's rightful kingship and his divine mandate to rule. The sword is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and often possesses mystical qualities, such as being unbreakable.

In some versions of the legend, Excalibur is the sword Arthur pulls from a stone, establishing his legitimacy as king. In others, it is given to him by the Lady of the Lake as a testament to his destiny. Excalibur plays a pivotal role in Arthur's quests and battles, and it is sometimes returned to the Lady of the Lake upon Arthur's death.

The Lady of the Lake: A Mystical Figure

The Lady of the Lake is a mysterious and mystical character often associated with bodies of water, particularly lakes and pools. She is a powerful enchantress and guardian of magical treasures. In the context of Excalibur, she is the one who presents the sword to Arthur.

In Arthurian legend, the Lady of the Lake is known by various names, such as Nimue, Viviane, or Niniane. She is a complex figure, sometimes portrayed as a benevolent guide and at other times as a figure of manipulation and intrigue. Her association with water and the bestowal of Excalibur underscores her connection to the supernatural.

The story of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake adds layers of mystique and enchantment to the Arthurian legend. These elements symbolize not only Arthur's divine right to rule but also the magical and otherworldly dimensions of his world. They have become integral to the enduring allure of the Arthurian tales, reminding us of the blending of history and mythology in this captivating legend.

The Lady's Haunting Presence

Local folklore suggests that Dozmary Pool is the dwelling place of the Lady of the Lake, a mystical and enigmatic figure. Some say she still resides beneath the waters, while others claim to have glimpsed her ghostly figure rising from the depths.

The Dozmary Pool Beast

Dozmary Pool is also known for its own legend, that of a mythical creature lurking beneath its surface. Descriptions of the "Dozmary Pool Beast" vary, with some likening it to a large eel or serpent. Tales of encounters with this creature have added to the pool's aura of mystery.

Modern Explorations

Today, Dozmary Pool continues to draw visitors and those curious about its legends. The serene surroundings offer a stark contrast to the rich tapestry of stories that have emerged over the centuries.


Dozmary Pool, with its connections to King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake, remains a place where history, myth, and the natural world converge. Whether you visit to contemplate its tranquil beauty or to ponder the enduring mysteries beneath its surface, Dozmary Pool invites you to explore the depths of Cornwall's rich folklore and enchanting landscapes.

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